Theresa Baumgartner

Theresa Baumgartner's artistic endeavors primarily revolve around the exploration of alternate realities, employing space and light installations to craft immersive environments that encourage the audience to contemplate their own perceptions of reality. Within each installation, the essence of her work transcends mere physical experience and lingers like the residual images imprinted on one's retina after gazing at the sun.

These manifestations are born from Baumgartner's innate drive to construct a world where the audience is prompted to delve into vulnerability, thus conceiving novel visions of our collective experiences, should we choose to embrace them.

Among her recent standout works is "INFINITE II " a collaboration with Matt Lambert and Michelle Lamy, commissioned by the Julia Stoschek Collection. Additionally, "Not Yet " with Bendik Giske, an audiovisual installation commissioned by the Munch Museet Oslo, and "Seaphony" an AV installation created alongside Tony Myatt and the legendary field recordist and founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, Chris Watson,.

She created the stage design for Hildur Gudnadottir's, Sam Slater's, and Chris Watson's "CHERNOBYL OST," which received the 2020 Opus Klassik Award for the most innovative live show.

In collaboration with pioneer Marcel Weber (MFO) in the realm of AV performance art, she contributed to the visual scenography for Jlin's "Black Origami Tour" and for Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein during their Emmy Award-winning musical performances for "Stranger Things."

Furthermore, Baumgartner is a co-founder of Bestfilmsforever/ BFF a video and media arts collective committed to advancing inclusivity in the film industry by supporting FLINTA* individuals in the tech sector.